I am Tuire Siiriainen, a Finnish children’s book illustrator and layout designer.
Having wandered across Europe since the age of 18, I have found my home in Toulouse, the city of violets and chocolatines, in France.

My work has ranged from children's fiction to all kinds of kids' activity products.

I work 100% digitally—my everyday tools are Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and Wacom Cintiq.

I hold a BA degree from Ecole Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc Liège, Belgium (2015).

Contact: tuire.illustrations (at) gmail.com
Published work
Taikamaalaus HUPSUT PENNUT (2023, Oppi&ilo, FI) — magic coloring book
Nokkelat numerot -puuhakortit (2023, Oppi&ilo, FI) — activity cards set
Kuuntelen ja opin englantia -kuvasanakirja (2022, Oppi&ilo, FI) — English words sound book
Mainiot aakkoset -puuhakortit (2022, Oppi&ilo, FI) — activity cards set
Taikamaalaus KIRJAVAT KIRJAIMET (2022, Oppi&ilo, FI) — magic coloring book
Sanahaaste-puuhakortit (2022, Oppi&ilo, FI) — activity cards set
Pyyhittävä Reitit ja sokkelot (2022, Oppi&ilo, FI) — maze activity book
Maalaa vedellä SUOMEN LUONTO (2022, Oppi&ilo, FI) — magic coloring book
Pyyhittävä Ensimmäiset aakkoset (2022, Oppi&ilo, FI) — alphabet activity book
Puuharetki-puuhakortit (2022, Oppi&ilo, FI) — activity cards set
Taikamaalaus ILOISET ARVOITUKSET (2022, Oppi&ilo, FI) — magic coloring book
Baby's First Words / Colors / Numbers (2021, Multikiddo, USA) — multilingual digital baby book set
Metsän eläimet (2021, Oppi&ilo, FI) — book and puzzle set
Hoksaa tunteet! -peli (2021, Oppi&ilo, FI) — board game
Taikamaalaus PIILOSILLA (2021, Oppi&ilo, FI) — magic coloring book
Ystävien lukukirja (2020, Sanoma Pro, FI) — school text book
Taikamaalaus HASSUT KAVERIT (2020, Oppi&ilo, FI) — magic coloring book
Maalaa vedellä MAATILA (2020, Oppi&ilo, FI) — magic coloring book
Älypähkinät-puuhakortit (2019, Oppi&ilo, FI) — activity cards set
Veikeät piirrospuuhat-puuhakortit (2019, Oppi&ilo, FI) — activity cards set

Untitled Häntähoiva (TBP 2023, Karisto, FI) — story book
Häntähoiva ja mahatautinen marsu (2021, Karisto, FI) — story book
Aamos ja jälkien arvoitus (2020, Oppi&ilo, FI) — story book
Häntähoiva ja kavala Kisu (2020, Karisto, FI) — story book
Häntähoiva ja Pätkä (2020, Karisto, FI) — story book
3 random facts about me
The one food I could live on forever
Chestnuts! And when the world runs out of those—smoked tofu and avocado sandwiches.

The coolest animal
Dragons. Flying and breathing fire—can't get any cooler than that!

My extra-drawing activities
Running, movie-geeking and planning what to eat next.
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